Most Popular Foods By States

We’ve tracked down the most popular foods in the US based on Google. Here’s a list of the most popular foods by state based on Google Trends:

Alaska – Hamburger

What to eat when you desperately want to go home, but there is no where else to go? We’ll just make our own home! Find us some meat and veggies and we’re good too go! That’s what Alaskans do. They love burgers (the food).

Alabama – Chicken Wings

The Southern US is famous for it’s chicken wing dishes. It makes sense they’d be the #1 spots for chicken wings in the US. After all, everyone knows that BBQs are more fun with wings! Except vegetarians I guess…

Arizona – Tacos Eggs & Avocados

Arizona is warm, hip and fun which makes sense when you realize they invented the word “Avocado”! And with so much Mexican influence in the state it’s no surprise that tacos are also popular. Eggs? Well…everyone needs a good breakfast!

Arkansas – Chicken Sandwich (Chicken on a bun) A chicken sandwich is also know as “Chicken on a Bun” or an “Archie”… It sounds weird when you say it here but we’re sure they love it down there. After all, everyone has their favorite way to enjoy chicken. Let’s not get into politics though!

California – Chipotle This one really surprised us because Chipotle salads can be found just about anywhere here! California loves their veggies, and they’re not afraid to put them on their favorite foods.

Colorado – Pasta It’s the middle of winter and you need something warm (and fast) to fill up your stomach… Sounds like pasta is a good choice!

Connecticut – Cheeseburger Connecticut residents have been known to cater pizza parties in their own homes using only Domino’s, so it makes sense that cheeseburgers are popular there too. We all love our Big Macs (some more than others). I guess we’ll be seeing Connecticut soon!

Delaware – Lobster Roll This one was interesting because although lobster is obviously popular throughout the country this one is specifically for a “Lobster Roll”… If you haven’t tried it we definitely recommend you do!

Florida – Tacos Even though Miami is known for Cuban food, they still love their tacos too. And who wouldn’t? Tacos are delicious and there’s a million different ways to make them, especially down in the Sunshine State!

Georgia – Chicken Sandwich (Chicken on a bun) Another Southern state loves chicken on a bun! Tastes vary from person to person, but I’m just glad people enjoy eating chickens 🙂 We don’t always need an excuse to eat our favorite foods: “Hey mom can we have chicken tonight?” This is perhaps the best question ever asked.

Hawaii – Fried Rice Why not?! Yeah sure rice isn’t your typical side dish, but maybe it should be! It’s tasty and it’s a low-carb alternative to potatoes (which is kind of important since it’s the islands).

Idaho – Pizza You can’t go wrong with pizza, but you’d think Idaho would love their pasta more. I guess they just have a good taste for delicious food. We’re glad they like us so much! Idaho obviously loves Dominos too.

Illinois – BBQ Ribs…get ready for a heart attack Chicago The City of Big Shoulders is famous for many things, but let’s not forget how popular ribs are in the windy city! They just love them thick & juicy thanks to all that weather we hear about on the news every day 😉

In our next article, we will continue with the rest of the states. So stay tuned.

Most Popular Foods By States
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