Best Restaurants In Singapore Review

Singapore Restaurant, Fish & Co's Grilled Tiger Prawns

A Dive Into the Best Restaurants In Singapore


If you are planning to plan a holiday to Singapore with your family, then why not try to make them visit some of the best restaurants in Singapore. There are many types of food available in Singapore that you could be eating at these restaurants and this article will tell you about those foods. Your entire family would surely love it if they do visit one of these places.

One such place would definitely be Siloso Beach Cafe located on Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island. This is a great place for enjoying good food with a nice view of the sea, mountain, and city skyline. If you are looking for a nice place to hang out with your friends, then this is a perfect place.

This restaurant has got the best chefs who would cook food that will suit your taste buds and which would be completely healthy for you as well. One of the dishes in this restaurant is fish fillets that are served with wine sauce along with fried potatoes and vegetables. They also serve yummy beef burgers in melted cheese for the best eating experience imaginable.

Siloso Beach Cafe Restaurant at Siloso Beach serving burger steak


This is a great dining place to visit with your family or friends to have some mouth-watering meals with a nice view of the sea.

Next on our list is Fish & Co. This is another great place to visit and enjoy good food with your family or friends. Situated at Suntec City, this is the home for different types of fish available in this country as they are imported from various parts of the world. You can have great seafood delicacies that will be prepared by some of the best chefs in town.

Fish & Co's Grilled Tiger Prawns

This restaurant serves excellent dishes such as Grilled Tiger Prawns marinated with garlic butter along with grilled vegetables and salad; Slow-Cooked Mac & Cheese made by a master pasta chef; Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon served smoked on a bed of red cabbage and lentils; Double Dipped Chocolate Caramel Tart, etc., are just some of the dishes that you would find there while ordering your food. So, if you want to try some of the best meals that Singapore has got to offer then head over to Fish & Co. located in Suntec City and have a great dining experience.

Another restaurant on our list is Tekong Seafood Restaurant situated at Changi Village Food Centre. If you are looking for excellent seafood delicacies then this is the place where you should be heading. This restaurant serves food that would suit all types of people because they serve various popular seafood dishes which make it one of the most famous restaurants in Singapore for having a great and relaxing dining experience.

Seafood restaurant in Singapore serving black pepper crabs

One of the most popular dishes that this restaurant serves would be their signature Tuna Sashimi, Black Pepper Crab served with a honey pepper sauce along with vegetables; Spicy Seafood Soup made from mixed seafood and herbs cooked in a hot pot to let you enjoy the full flavor of it; Creamy Mussels cooked in white wine cream sauce garnished with green onions to give your taste buds an explosion of flavors which will leave you wanting for more; etc., are just some of the many types of food items that you can have at this place. So, if you want some good seafood delicacies then visit Hide Seafood Restaurant situated at Changi Village Food Centre.

Now, we move on to our next restaurant, Xin Wang Cafe Restaurant, which is a hot favorite among the locals. This is another lovely place that should not be missed when you are in Singapore with your family or friends. They serve some really amazing food there which has earned them a lot of fame and appreciation from people visiting there as well.

If seafood is better for your taste buds then also don’t forget to visit one of the most popular restaurants in Asia called Marutama Ramen which is located at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059817 which has been very popular among many people since its opening in 2006. The reason behind this restaurant’s popularity can be understood by going there once because you will see that it offers great fish of different types including shrimps and other seafood so if you are someone who likes to snack on delicious sea-food then don’t forget to visit this place while being in Singapore!

The next restaurant on our list would be Waterfront Restaurant located on Level 9 of Marina Square Shopping Centre, 9 Raffles Boulevard. This is another great place for enjoying some wonderful seafood together with drinks served by this restaurant. Here too, you will get to see many people pouring out their hearts out while enjoying some amazing food along with drinks there. If you like karaoke, then don’t forget to visit that particular area as well because this is a great place for singing your heart out too.

If you like fresh seafood, then you must go and visit The Red Pearl located on Rangoon Road, Sentosa Island. This is another nice restaurant where you can enjoy some delicious seafood with your family or friends. You may also take part in a cooking class organized at this restaurant while visiting Singapore with your family so that you could learn how to cook some great dishes yourself.

If you love Thai foods more then also don’t forget to visit Thai Express located at 117 North Bridge Road which is known for its Thai cuisine and awesome dishes that everyone who visits Singapore must try at least once. For the prices offered in this restaurant, you will be able to get some really nice food in comparison to other restaurants of the same genre. So, if you think that Thai cuisine is more your taste then don’t forget to visit this place as well on your trip to Singapore.

If you are looking for some authentic Chinese cuisine then Kushinobo‘s located at #01-17/18, China Square Central, People’s Park Centre would be a great option for you as they have delicious dim sums that would definitely fill your stomachs with satisfaction. If anyone in your family loves dumplings or momos or any other type of Asian food then you should pay a visit to Kushinobo’s whenever you get a chance.

One more restaurant that must be visited by everyone while on their trips to Singapore would be The Brasserie located within Hyatt Regency Singapore itself. This restaurant is known for serving high-quality foods to everyone who visits it and has such a nice ambience that is sure to relax anyone of their tensions and make them enjoy their foods in peace.

You can also visit Four Seasons Restaurant and Bar located at 10 Collyer Quay, The Fullerton Bay Hotel for great French foods that would be worth your time and money especially if you want to enjoy some good wines with your friends or family. This restaurant is highly recommended if you are looking for a romantic dinner in Singapore.

Lastly, we should also include some ice cream parlors on our list like Narnia Ice Cream located at 250 Orchard Road #01-55 (Suntec City) because they serve the best ice creams that everyone could enjoy both children and adults alike while being served by friendly staff members.

This would be the best way to end our list of the best restaurants in Singapore that you should visit if you have too much time on your hands while staying here.  We hope this article gives you enough information about where to find the best restaurants in Singapore so now all you have to do is decide where to eat first! Stay tuned to our blog for more reviews as our next article will be reviewing Nanning China restaurants.

Best Restaurants In Singapore Review
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