Top Italian Restaurants

Americans are known to be a foodie and they love anything related to good food. If you are planning to go on vacation, then the US would be one of the best destinations in the world. If your main concern is where to find some good Italian restaurants in the United States, this article will tell you about it and share some of the top 10 popular Italian places serving delicious tastes there

Wondering what makes an Italian restaurant special? Well, Italy is known for its culinary skills for ages which have been passed down from generation to generation. People living over here have tried to replicate that taste by bringing together all aspects like location, ambience as well as services for a restaurant making it a hit amongst tourists visiting there It follows a simple yet subtle principle, bringing out the best in whatever it restaurant sells with special attention to details. From serving appetizers, desserts, and beverages to providing complete facilities for guests while preserving the authenticity of the taste Italian restaurants are always sought after by people who love to have good food

For an authentic Italian experience, you can head over to any one of these top 10 popular Italian restaurants in the United States of America.

1) Famous Davino’s, New York City: Located at 77 Mulberry Street, this restaurant has been operating since 1939. It is owned by Toni Siracusa and managed by his son Michael Sirtis. The menu includes homemade pastas and sauces as well as a wide variety of seafood dishes. This restaurant received an award from ZAGAT for its pasta dishes in 2011.

2) Il Mulino, New York: Located at 3 West 51st Street, this Italian fine-dining establishment was opened in 1971. It is owned By brothers Umberto and Ettore Bottura who are renowned chefs themselves known for inventing dishes like “Arancini”. The chef at the restaurant is David Pasternack.

3) Da Silvano, New York: This Italian restaurant opened in 1998 and is located at 118 Macdougal Street. It is owned by Silvano Marchetto who also owns two other restaurants, La Silvana and Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca. All of these restaurants are known for their excellent Italian cuisine.

4) Cafe Milano, Washington DC: Located at 3251 Prospect Street NW this Italian fine dining establishment has entranced customers since 1981. It was even featured in a scene of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. The owner is Larry Forgione who goes around the globe in search of the best wines and seasonal ingredients.

5) Truffles, Las Vegas: Located at 3355 South Las Vegas Boulevard this is an Italian restaurant and lounge cum nightclub owned by Madonna’s former lover Carlos Leon. It has a live DJ playing music for patrons till late at night. The menu consists of pasta which is prepared differently every day to keep the party going.

6) Buca di Beppo, Multiple locations: This restaurant operates under the partnership of Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich and Lidia Bastianich. The chain began operations in Columbus in 1995 and presently has thirty restaurants across various US states including New York, Portland, etc., . The interior décor has been done by Jonathan Adler.

7) New York Pasta and Grill, Multiple locations: This chain of restaurants was founded in 1991 in Milwaukee and presently has fifty outlets spread across nineteen US states including Des Moines, etc. The owner is Jim Cummins who owns around eight other similar restaurants as well namely Mancino’s Pizza, Tavern on the Square, etc.. The restaurant specializes in serving pasta dishes with various sauces made from fresh ingredients procured from the best Italian markets of New York City. It also serves pizzas and sandwiches at reasonable rates.

8) Buca di Beppo, Multiple locations: This family-style Italian restaurant was founded by former employees of Olive Garden in 1995. Presently it has thirty restaurants spread across thirteen different US states like Chicago, Ohio, etc., . The interiors of these restaurants are designed by the same person who had done it for Olive Garden, Jonathan Adler.

9) Pizzeria Midi, Minneapolis: Located at 527 Washington Avenue South this restaurant offers three different types of pizza’s namely focaccia pizza, thin-crust traditional pizzas with a thicker crust, and Sicilian style square-shaped pizzas. It was opened in 2007 by two brothers from Naples Italy who have been making homemade pizzas since they were children. The cooks here use dough made from high-quality wheat flour which is brought all the way from Italy to create their signature crispy thin crust pizza pies with just the right amount of toppings and cheese. They also offer other Italian finger foods like garlic knots, lasagna, etc.

10) Italian Ovens and Restaurant, Boston: This family-style restaurant was established in South Boston in 1977 by Nilton Bonder who is an award-winning chef. The décor of the restaurants is done to give it a setting similar to an authentic medieval Tuscan village.

Here you go. Now you have the top 10 finest Italian restaurants in their respective locations across the US. They serve authentic Italian cuisine that is prepared to international standards of excellence. You can always get the best deal on these restaurants through online discount coupons of Groupon or another similar site which specializes in offering discounts on local businesses and services.

Top Italian Restaurants
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